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Free Market Healthcare Solutions

This publication was created for the self-funded employer, with the objective of helping you lower your claims costs, reduce your risk, and offer better benefits through embracing the free market in your health plan.

The printed magazine is delivered by mail to more than 15,000 C-level executives, industry related affiliates, DPCs and FMMA members in all the key markets in 46 states. Free Market Healthcare Solutions is available online at and you can follow news and key players on YouTube at USHealthMedia.

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Free Market Healthcare Solutions magazine, in partnership with FMMA, is dedicated to providing employers with information about the newest changes and most relevant trends in healthcare savings and how to secure better employee benefits at a much lower cost.  - Cathy Payne, Editor-in-Chief, Free Market Healthcare Solutions

Willing Buyer

Consumers/Patients who make healthcare purchasing decisions based on Cost + Quality.

Willing Seller

Sellers of healthcare goods & services who believe in providing up-front, bundled, cost efficient, high quality care.

Optional Value-Based Vendor

Businesses who provide assistance to buyers & sellers of healthcare goods & services while abiding by the Pillars of the Free Market.