One thing for certain about 2020 is that uncertainty is everywhere. What will 2021 look like for the free market medical movement? Will the political landscape move toward more centralized control of healthcare under a Biden presidency? Will a more conservative-leaning Supreme Court strike down the Affordable Care Act? There are so many unknowns. Entrepreneurs are always navigating through a world of uncertainty and the government always has a tendency to make things more uncertain.

The crony insiders who profit from government regulations and subsidies thrive on the manufactured “certainty” of a rigged system and renders certainty for them and uncertainty for everyone else – employers, physicians, and patients. The more everyone else plays along as they are expected – or coerced – to do, the machine continues to enrich a few at the expense of the many. This is not a mutually beneficial exchange of a market-based industry.

Fortunately, the revolutionaries who have opted out of this system in favor of free-market principles will also thrive regardless of what takes place in Washington. There is growing marketplace of transparent providers of medical services to meet the demand from cash buyers and self-funded employers. The mission of the Free Market Medical Association is to ensure that this marketplace continues to grow and thrive. FMMA members are committed to essential pillars of price transparency that eliminate middlemen who do not add value. Individuals and employers can find transparent cash prices for more than 7,400 services and procedures at ShopHealth. Regardless of any uncertainty that may come in 2021, it is certain that the free market medical revolution will continue.