Arvind Cavale, MD

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Arvind Cavale, MD, FACE, has been a Clinical Endocrinologist/Researcher/Instructor, in practice in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1999. His philosophy is centered on building and maintaining a strong and healthy patient-physician relationship. He seeks to empower patients through education and support, so they may effectively manage their own chronic diseases. He believes in educating his fellow colleagues and the community, so we can all have a better understanding of chronic diseases, like diabetes, and make progress toward reducing the prevalence of these conditions and the negative impacts on the patient and community. Dr. Cavale believes this can be achieved by combining human ingenuity and the use of appropriate technology. 

Dr. Cavale believes that excellent clinical care can be delivered at a reasonable cost to the patient, particularly when the heavy hand of third parties is minimized and price transparency between the patient and clinic is well established. A sound business model does exist of the ethical practice of medicine, and Dr. Cavale is an advocate in educating and motivating his physician colleagues to get involved in health policy, so that practicing clinicians set the rules they are required to play by and reassert their rightful role as pillars of healthcare.