Cedar Orthopaedic Surgery Specialty Clinic

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We are a single specialty surgical center that has been performing a wide variety of orthopaedic surgeries since 2004. We have been your outpatient total knee replacement center since 2004 and your outpatient total hip replacement center since 2005. Outpatient spine procedures (including microdiscectomies and laminectomy/decompressions) have been performed successfully since 2008.

Our cash payment surgical center in Cedar City, Utah performs these orthopaedic surgeries and other procedures at competitive, transparent prices that can be easily accessed on our website. This is particularly important to consider if you don’t have medical insurance or have a high deductible plan. Whether you have medical insurance or are looking for a cash payment option, we will work with you to provide the best care at the best possible price.

Our “cash payment” prices listed on our website are all-inclusive (surgeon’s fee, surgery center facility fee, total joint implants, anesthesia fee, and physical therapy fee for that date of service). We are the only surgery center in Utah that includes the cost of joint implants in our prices. We proudly provide this price transparency to help you make the most informed decision regarding your surgical care.

To provide the best outpatient orthopaedic surgery, we employ well-trained and highly skilled medical staff to meet your surgical needs. Our staff will do everything possible to ensure you have a personalized and unique experience with our one-on-one approach. We pride ourselves in treating every patient like family and making your surgery as comfortable and easy as possible. Our 99% patient satisfaction rate makes it clear that we are doing things right. Our patients are Priority #1!

We enjoy long-established and trusted relationships with local home health agencies, rehabilitation facilities, physical therapy and lab services to assist in taking care of our patients post-operatively for a complete 360-degree care experience.

Randy G. Delcore, MD, is the owner and medical director of the surgery center and an independent orthopaedic surgery clinic in Cedar City. He is proud to be part of the evolving trend toward transitioning healthy orthopaedic patients from the “sick environment” of a hospital inpatient stay, to one of self-motivated “healthy mobility” within the patient’s own home. His experience, through 20 plus years of practice, has given him great insight into which patients fit the criteria for outpatient total joint replacement or outpatient spine surgery.