Dr. Bhavana Rao

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Bhavana Rao is a board certified Family physician practicing medicine since 2008 in The Woodlands and Houston area. She trained at the Conroe Family Medicine Residency program. Family medicine is her passion. She believes in a patient-centered care and a wholesome approach to healthcare.

In Her own Words…

I am a family physician by training. I did my residency at the Conroe Family Residency Program. I work at the Methodist Willowbrook as a hospitalist. Over the last year, I got interested in a new healthcare business model called Direct Primary Care. As you know, healthcare in America is collapsing. We have the greatest healthcare technologies in the world but our healthcare delivery system is broken. So I wanted to explore this new model further, something that could transform American healthcare.

At the time, my husband was pursuing his MBA in Mays Business School, Texas A&M. When I mentioned the new model, he researched it for a couple of days and was very excited to make it his capstone project. Over the last one year, he researched the business model. We interviewed a lot of direct primary care practices across the country. He analyzed and modeled every aspect of the business. Ultimately, we found its value proposition so compelling that we decided to invest in our own startup clinic.