Susan Dimick, MD

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Dr. Susan Dimick, MD has been committed to helping people since she was a child. In her early years she used to feel sorry for inanimate objects – she’d fix popsicle sticks and broken rocks and keep them in her dollhouse hospital until they got better. Through grade school and high school, she loved science – and when graduation came, she defied the gender status quo and went to the University of Oklahoma to study Kinesiology.

From there, she got involved in cardiometabolic research in the mid 1970s and became entranced by the medical advances and knew she had to be a part of it. At the urging of her mentor, she applied to – and was accepted to – the University of Oklahoma’s College of Medicine.

After medical school, she jumped into an internal medicine residency and stayed close to her love of lipidology and lowering patient’s’ risk for chronic diseases. Today, she is one of 6 board-certified clinical lipidologists in the entire state. At her practice, Central Oklahoma Early Detection Center, she works with her patients to help them live longer, healthier lives. She practices medicine in a way that allows her patients to help themselves through behavior modification and lifestyle changes. Dr. Dimick has never been one to let others tell her how to practice medicine and has strong beliefs that she can provide the best, most effective care to her patients in a private practice unburdened by traditional insurance systems.

She helps her patients prevent, detect and manage diseases and disorders related to cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and lipid disorders. Dr. Dimick finds each patient’s specific risk factors and develops personalized treatment plans that make differences in their lives. Equipped with the right information, Dr. Dimick can help her patients take action to reverse heart disease and diabetes and reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

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