Arizona Chapter
Free Market Medical Association

Contact information:
Timothy Spooner
Kendrick Johnson, DO


About Your AZ Chapter Leaders

Kendrick Johnson DO

Dr. Kendrick is an advocate for improving the healthcare system to help patients get better healthcare.  He attended BYU and then Touro University Nevada for medical school.  He was the Chief Resident at Abrazo Central Family Medicine Residency.   After working as an ER physician and hospitalist, he founded Ark Family Health, the first Direct Primary Care practice in the Phoenix Metro area.  Ark Family Health provides full-service primary care as an employee benefit and saves companies thousands while helping their employees live their happiest and healthiest lives possible.

Dr. Kendrick is passionate about the mission of the Free Market Medical Association because of a passion for improving health while cutting out the waste of the system with transparent direct contracting with employers.


Tim Spooner, PT, FAFS 

Tim Spooner, PT, FAFS is a physical therapist, owner and CEO at Spooner, an Arizona and Texas based outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine practice which continues to expand yearly. Tim opened Spooner in 1990 with the philosophy that every individual should be empowered with the knowledge and ability to achieve health through movement. Tim has deeply embedded the idea of clinical and conceptual motion into the vision and the culture of the organization, embracing motion as being healthy in all aspects. 

As a CEO and a physical therapist, Tim has a unique perspective from which to experience and solve the problem of the rising cost of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) for employers. A business owner since 1990, he watched his own company healthcare costs rise annually, directly affecting the company’s bottom line. In addition, his employees’ costs were rising on the healthcare he provided, and he knew that the current model was not serving his company nor his employees well. Now serving as the CEO of Solveglobal, Tim believes that disrupting the current healthcare model is the only way to lower employer costs and improve employees’ vitality. He also knows that movement specialists are the individuals who will positively impact our society’s health at the population and individual level. 

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota, along with a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science (AFS) through the Gray Institute.