FMMA 2021 Conference

August 5-7, 2021

The FMMA and our members represent a glitch in the matrix of the crony healthcare system that was not constructed for the benefit of patients, physicians, or employers. 

Taking red pill of price transparency between willing buyers and sellers of medical care is waking up many across the country. 

Join this transformational and revolutionary movement as we share success stories from physicians, employers, benefit advisors, and entrepeneurs who have walked through the door to the freedom outside.

Our 2021 keynote speaker will be Steve Forbes, who has been long-term champion of free enterprise. Mr. Forbes has been a vocal opponent to the Affordable Care Act and has featured FMMA co-founder, Dr. Keith Smith on his podcast. 

Other speakers and sessions will highlight the growing movement of large health systems toward transparency, innovations in direct care and direct contracting, as well as major employer success stories. This is the conference you do not want to miss. 

As Morpheus says in The Matrix:

“You have to understand, most people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will try to protect it.”

Join us in August as we continue to help each other unplug and become active partners in lowering the cost of healthcare. Are you ready?

2021 Location Details & Map

Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

Southern charm, Texas art, an inspired community

Set in the heart of Granite Park’s business and leisure community, our Plano, TX hotel’s story starts from Texas Prairie-inspired architecture to unique wildflower art. Relax by our serene pool or on our patio with tranquil firepit at our North Dallas hotel. Enjoy creative cocktails in Prairie Fire or tasty dining in Carso. Host a grand event or an intimate affair in our event spaces. A waterfront stroll along The Boardwalk at Granite Park is just a few steps away.






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  • Forum for Healthcare Freedom
  • Scripta Insights
  • Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy
  • Hostcare Resources
  • Patient Payment Solutions
  • Big Tree Medical
  • Green Imaging
  • MaxCare
  • Paytient

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