2020 FMMA Annual Conference


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Mission Possible:

Healthcare Entrepreneurship as the Antidote to the Broken Healthcare System

Entrepreneurship is much more than a startup or a small business. It is the mechanism for creating and facilitating consumer value in the face of uncertainty. Entrepreneurs manage uncertainty and seek to resolve it with solutions for consumers. In medicine and healthcare, entrepreneurship involves the restoration the physician-patient relationship. It means employers, employees, and advisors establishing trust to manage the uncertainty of medical care. Good entrepreneurial judgement is rewarded with profit and bad judgement suffers financial loss.

The medical establishment has shifted from the market force of entrepreneurship to cronyism. Taxpayers and patients bear the greatest risk of uncertainty while the cronies are shielded from the risk of bad entrepreneurial judgement.

The FMMA is where the entrepreneurial heroes of the free market medical movement can work together to build a better future for consumers of healthcare services. The 2020 FMMA Conference will reawaken the spirit of entrepreneurship as the best solution for a free market alternative to the house of cards of medical cronyism.

2020 Location Details & Map

Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park

Southern charm, Texas art, an inspired community

Set in the heart of Granite Park’s business and leisure community, our Plano, TX hotel’s story starts from Texas Prairie-inspired architecture to unique wildflower art. Relax by our serene pool or on our patio with tranquil firepit at our North Dallas hotel. Enjoy creative cocktails in Prairie Fire or tasty dining in Carso. Host a grand event or an intimate affair in our event spaces. A waterfront stroll along The Boardwalk at Granite Park is just a few steps away.







  • Coral
  • Boon Chapman
  • Payer Compass
  • OK ER & Hospital
  • Hostcare Resources
  • HealthSmart
  • Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy
  • Sesame
  • Accarent Health
  • Forum for Healthcare Freedom

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