Conference Videos

2024 ANNUAL CONFERENCE (10-Year Anniversary)

  • 2024 10-Year Anniversary Highlight Reel YouTube Vimeo
  • The Legacy of the FMMA: 10Years in the Making, Jay Kempton, The Kempton Group Administrators & FMMA YouTube Vimeo
  • Apostasy and True Leadership: FMMA’s Past and Future, Keith Smith, MD, Surgery Center of Oklahoma & FMMA YouTube Vimeo
  • Then and Now: How the Perfect Plan has Evolved Over the Past 10 Years, Adam Russo, Esq., The Phia Group YouTube Vimeo
  • 2024 Be The Beacon Awards, Norman Imes, MD, Cori Zavada, JD, Adam Russo, Esq., YouTube
  • The Evolution of Price Transparency, Larry Van Horn, Preverity YouTube
  • Meeting the Moment, Chris Deacon, JD, VerSan Consulting YouTube
  • The Future We Choose: Colonized or Liberated, Dave Chase, Health Rosetta YouTube
  • Charting a Free Market Future: Charles Sauer’s Time-Traveling Insights, Charles Sauer, The Market Institute YouTube
  • Confessions of a Reformed Hospital CEO, Shawn Strash, San Antonio Surgery Center of Excellence YouTube
  • Using Free Market Principles to Save Rural Healthcare, Lee Gross, Epiphany Health YouTube
  • Partnering for Success: Free Market Principles + Shared Values = Best Outcomes, Bryce Heinbaugh, IEN Risk Management J. Craig Brown, Christian Healthcare Ministries YouTube
  • Grassroots and Brush Fires: How Wisconsinites are Taking Back Healthcare, Matt Ohrt, Self Fund Health YouTube
  • Free Market Health Plans and School Districts, Greg Coldeway, Brown & Brown Insurance, Carlos Rios, EdD, San Felipe-Del Rio CISD, Jay Kempton, The Kempton Group Administrators & FMMA YouTube
  • The Power of Partnership: Creating Health Plan Transformation, Kelly Fristoe, Financial Partners, Derek Francis, Hospice of Wichita Falls, Jeffrey Swanson, DO, Stratus DPC, Dave Chase, Health Rosetta YouTube
  • Big Medicine Is Killing Us All: How Expert Led Relationship Based Care Transforms Diabetes Health, Arti Thangudu, MD, Complete Medicine YouTube
  • Behind the Curtain: The Three Customers, Steven Lantier, MD, Surgery Center of Oklahoma YouTube


  • 2023 Highlight Reel YouTube Vimeo
  • 2023 Highlight Reel for Employers YouTube Vimeo
  • Medical Liberty & Patient Autonomy : Jay Kempton, The Kempton Group Administrators & FMMA YouTube  Vimeo
  • A Blank Slate: Identifying the Foundational Pillars of What the Perfect Plan Design Should Be : Adam Russo, The Phia Group YouTube  Vimeo
  • The Jedi Masters: Strategies to Grow Your DPC Practice : David Cameron, MD, Hint Health, Melinda Cail, MD, Primary Health Partners, Jeff Gold, MD, Gold Direct Care PC YouTube  Vimeo
  • Don’t Feed the Beast: The Employer Healthcare Success Formula : Matt Ohrt, Self Fund Health YouTube  Vimeo
  • Management and Medicine : Peter Klein, Baylor University YouTube  Vimeo
  • 2023 Be the Beacon Awards YouTube  Vimeo
  • Transforming Messaging for Extraordinary Outcomes : Tim Pollard, Oratium YouTube  Vimeo
  • Direct in Texas : Cristin Dickerson, MD, Green Imaging, Sean Kelley, MBA, Texas Medical Management, Harlon Pickett, Eagle Care Health Solutions YouTube  Vimeo
  • Innovation in Endocrinology & Diabetes Improves Access, Outcomes and Cost : Arti Thangudu, MD, Complete Medicine YouTube  Vimeo
  • DPC Done Right: How DPC and Integrated Health Plans Yield Better Results : Jon Van Der Veer, DO, Exemplar Care, Michael Patton, Excel Health Plans YouTube  Vimeo
  • A New Surgical Choice in Indiana : Jeff Williams, WellBridge Surgical, Eric Inman, MD, WellBridge Surgical YouTube  Vimeo
  • Prolonging Life and Increasing Disability-Free Years for our Underserved Population : Shawn Strash, WoundCentrics, Marcus Gitterle, MD WoundCentrics YouTube  Vimeo
  • How to Work for Patients, Not a System : Molly Rutherford, MD, Bluegrass Family Wellness YouTube  Vimeo
  • Forging Your Own Path : Allison Edwards, MD, Sesame, Tay Sha Howell, MD, Direct Wound Care and Consulting, Molly Rutherford, MD, Bluegrass Family Wellness YouTube  Vimeo
  • Employer Spotlight: Waterford Union High School : Luke Francois, EdD, Waterford Union High School, Adam Berkowitz, Simpara, David Voorhees, True Captive Insurance YouTube  Vimeo
  • Develop a Direct Specialty Care “DSC” Program to Grow Revenue, Simplify Operations, and Accommodate Direct Payers & Patients : Michael Havig, MD, HealthMe YouTube  Vimeo
  • History & Hurdles: Where We’ve Been and Where We Need to Go to Bring Transparently Priced Healthcare to All : Allison Edwards, MD, Sesame YouTube  Vimeo
  • “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Darth Vader : Cori Zavada, JD, Fiduciary Risk Management & VezaHealth YouTube  Vimeo
  • Catalyzing Community Health Innovation : Karen Simonton, CPA, The Ortho Forum, Michael Havig, MD, HealthMe & OrthoFounders, Matt Ohrt, Self Fund Health YouTube  Vimeo
  • Employer Spotlight: Rebels Bring a New Hope : Allison Robinson, Hutchinson Oil Company/Hutch’s C-Stores, Jay Kempton, The Kempton Group Administrators & FMMA YouTube  Vimeo
  • Advancing Medical Liberty: The Role of the Rebel: Keith Smith, MD, Surgery Center of Oklahoma & FMMA YouTube  Vimeo
  • Ask Us Anything : Keith Smith, MD, Surgery Center of Oklahoma & FMMA, Jay Kempton, The Kempton Group Administrators & FMMA YouTube  Vimeo


  • 2022 Highlight Reel  YouTube  Vimeo
  • FMMA 2022 Annual Conference Opening Remarks – Chris Habig, Emcee, CEO, Co-founder, Freedom Healthworks, Podcast Host, Healthcare Americana YouTube  Vimeo
  • Alternative Nation – Break the Healthcare Mold – Jay Kempton, President, CEO, Kempton Group Administrators, Co-founder, FMMA YouTube  Vimeo
  • To Free Healthcare Markets, Make Purchasers an Offer That They Can’t Refuse – Brian Klepper, Principal, Worksite Health Advisors YouTube  Vimeo
  • Direct Primary Care: Evolution & Trends – Zak Holdsworth, Co-founder, CEO, Hint Health YouTube  Vimeo
  • 3 Pillars of Direct Primary Care/Insurance Plan Integration Success – Roger Moczygemba, MD, MHA, Owner & Physician, Direct Med Clinic, Allison De Paoli, Founder, Altiqe & Host, Raising The Bar YouTube  Vimeo
  • Free Market Models – NE Ohio Community-owned Health Plan – Bryce Heinbaugh, MBA, CEO, Managing Partner, IEN Risk Advisors, Casey Billington, BSN, RN, CCTC, Concierge Nurse Navigators YouTube  Vimeo
  • Health Plan Strategies Breakouts: Risk Mitigation & Captive Strategies – Jason Dixon, President, Trinity Captive Group, Todd Rogers, The Kempton Group Administrators, YouTube  Vimeo
  • Direct Care Models: Legal Insights – Cori Zavada, JD, Fiduciary Risk Management, VezaHealth, Jay Keese, JD, CEO, Capitol Advocates; Executive Director, DPC Coalition, Chris Deacon, JD, VerSan Consulting (former Assistant Director of Health Benefit Operations and Policy and Planning, State of New Jersey, Adam Habig, President & Co-founder, Freedom Healthworks YouTube  Vimeo
  • Texas Landscape: Legislative & Direct Care Models to Lead TX Public Sector Health Plan Transformation – Greg Coldewey, Brown & Brown, representing San Felipe Del Rio CISD, William Rusteberg, Risk Managers, South Texas Health Cooperative, Cristin Dickerson, MD, Green Imaging YouTube  Vimeo
  • Do You Know Your Value? Seeing the Unseen in Cash Medicine – Jeff Deist, President, CEO, The Mises Institute YouTube  Vimeo
  • 2022 Be the Beacon Awards YouTube  Vimeo
  • Direct Primary Care Breakouts – Tech & Provider Efforts to Scale Direct (Primary) Care – Beth Holmes, Head of Network Development, Hint Health, Clint Flanagan, MD, Founder & CEO, Nextera Healthcare YouTube  Vimeo
  • Free Market Models – Engaging Employers in Arizona – Kendrick Johnson, DO, Founder & Medical Director, Ark Family Health, Tim Spooner, PT, President/CEO, Spooner Physical Therapy & Proactive MSD YouTube  Vimeo
  • Health Plan Strategies Breakouts: Transparency Tools to Drive Consumerism & Health Plan Transformation – Greg Smith, CEO, Coral, Keith Smith, MD, Founder, Atlas Billing, Co-Founder, Medical Director, Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Co-Founder, FMMA, Melissa Nance, PHR, SHRM-CP, Chief Brand Officer, The Kempton Group (moderator) YouTube  Vimeo
  • Alternative Nation: My Journey through the Looking Glass – Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy), Host, Kennedy, Fox Business Network, Libertarian political commentator YouTube  Vimeo
  • Buyer Dominance in the Medical Exchange – Keith Smith, MD, Co-founder, Medical Director, Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Co-founder, FMMA YouTube  Vimeo
  • Employer Case Studies – Transparent Pharmacy, Direct Primary Care & Patient Navigation Steve Boyd, Owner & Co-Founder, Southern Scripts (Moderator), Derek Francis, CFO, Hospice of Wichita Falls, Inc, Taylor Pitlik, HR Specialist, Pitlik & Wick, Inc, Dru Jacobs, President, Adfitech, Inc, Todd Rogers, Executive Director, Business Management, The Kempton Group Administrators (Intro) YouTube  Vimeo
  • Free Market Models: Changing Healthcare in Indiana and Beyond – Eric Inman, Co-Founder, WellBridge Surgical, Jeff Williams, Co-Founder, WellBridge Surgical, Chris Habig, Co-Founder & CEO, Freedom Healthworks YouTube  Vimeo
  • Health Plan Strategies – Here to There: Important Things for Employers to Know Before Starting a Healthcare Journey – Matt Ohrt, Consultant, Healthcare Best Practices Group YouTube  Vimeo
  • Employer Case Studies – Session 2 – Steve Boyd, Owner & Co-Founder, Southern Scripts (Moderator), Derek Francis, CFO, Hospice of Wichita Falls, Inc, Taylor Pitlik, HR Specialist, Pitlik & Wick, Inc, Dru Jacobs, President, Adfitech, Inc, Todd Rogers, Executive Director, Business Management, The Kempton Group Administrators (Intro) YouTube  Vimeo
  • Ask Us Anything – Dr. Keith Smith & Jay Kempton – Keith Smith, MD, Co-founder, Medical Director, Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Co-founder, FMMA, Jay Kempton, President, CEO, Kempton Group Administrators, Co-founder, FMMA YouTube  Vimeo


The FMMA and our members represent a glitch in the matrix of the crony healthcare system that was not constructed for the benefit of patients, physicians, or employers.

Taking red pill of price transparency between willing buyers and sellers of medical care is waking up many across the country.

Join this transformational and revolutionary movement as we share success stories from physicians, employers, benefit advisors, and entrepeneurs who have walked through the door to the freedom outside.

Our 2021 keynote speaker will be Steve Forbes, who has been long-term champion of free enterprise. Mr. Forbes has been a vocal opponent to the Affordable Care Act and has featured FMMA co-founder, Dr. Keith Smith on his podcast.

Other speakers and sessions will highlight the growing movement of large health systems toward transparency, innovations in direct care and direct contracting, as well as major employer success stories. This is the conference you do not want to miss.

As Morpheus says in The Matrix:

“You have to understand, most people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will try to protect it.”




Since 2014, the mission of the FMMA has transformed from Education to Insurrection.  Our mission is to rouse and provoke those suffering because of the broken system and motivate them to fight back.

The 2019 Conference speakers motivated, energized, influenced, and empowered attendees to eliminate the option of retreat, reject the status quo, and emancipate themselves from the deteriorating ship.



  • DPC Workshop – Dr. Corba, Dr. Gross, Dr. Nelson Video 
  • Opening Remarks – Jay Kempton Slides Video 
  • Creating a Free Market Healthcare System: Transparent Pricing + Quality = Value – Sean Kelley & Dr. Patrick Kelley Slides Video 
  • Self-Funding, Free Markets, &  More – Tim Callender Slides Video
  • Lunch with Lee Legislative Update – Dr. Lee Gross Slides Video  
  • Healthshare Ministries & The Free Market – Tom Yakopin Slides Video 
  • Think Like a Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Jonathan Kaplan Slides Video 
  • From Russia with Love – Yuri Maltsev Slides Video 
  • Myth vs. Fact – Jay Kempton & Dr. Keith Smith Slides Video  
  • Self-Funded Employers and the Free Market – Mike Remeika Slides Video  
  • Free Market Friendly TPA – Todd Archer Slides Video 
  • Closing Remarks – Dr. Keith Smith Slides Video 
  • Local Chapter Workshop Slides Video 

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Willing Buyer

Consumers/Patients who make healthcare purchasing decisions based on Cost + Quality.

Willing Seller

Sellers of healthcare goods & services who believe in providing up-front, bundled, cost efficient, high quality care.

Optional Value-Based Vendor

Businesses who provide assistance to buyers & sellers of healthcare goods & services while abiding by the Pillars of the Free Market.