Annual Conference Slides

Presentation Slides for 2021 FMMA Annual Conference

  • Matrix of Healthcare Regulation vs. Entrepreneurship -Per Bylund, PhD & Cristin Dickerson, M.D. PDF1 PDF2
  • Maternity or Emergency Care Can’t Be Bundled, Right? Another Red Pill for You!- Keith Smith, M.D.,Christion G. Rice, MD, MBA, FAAEM, & Kylie M. Mayes PDF1 PDF2
  • Engaging Company CEO’s To Drive Transformational Change in Healthcare – Tony Dale & Elaine Parker PDF
  • Business Executive Panel Discussion: Best Practices to Unleash the Free Market in Healthcare – Christopher Habig, Mark Burt, & Matt Ohrt PDF
  • Legislative Update – David Balat PDF
  • Employer Case Studies – Sunny Nadolsky, Todd Rogers, & Kelsey Reneau PDF1 PDF2
  • Direct Care Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Adam Wheeler, Adam Habig, & Lee S. Gross, M.D. PDF1 PDF2 PDF3


Presentation Slides for 2019 FMMA Annual Conference

  • Theory & History Agree: Government Intervention in Health Care Reduces Quality & Increases Cost – Robert P. Murphy PDF
  • Restoring the American Dream – David Contorno PDF
  • Incorporating the Free Market into your Employee Benefits – Adam Russo PDF
  • Bundled Payment Methods in Healthcare: Past, Present, and Future – Richard Kube, M.D. & William Grant, M.D. PDF


Presentation Slides for 2017 FMMA Annual Conference

  • Opening Remarks – Jay Kempton PDF
  • Creating a Free Market Healthcare System: Transparent Pricing + Quality = Value – Sean Kelley & Dr. Patrick Kelley PDF
  • Self-Funding, Free Markets, &  More – Tim Callender PDF
  • Lunch with Lee Legislative Update – Dr. Lee Gross PDF
  • Healthshare Ministries & The Free Market – Tom Yakopin PDF
  • Think Like a Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Jonathan Kaplan PDF
  • From Russia with Love – Yuri Maltsev PDF
  • Myth vs. Fact – Jay Kempton & Dr. Keith Smith PDF
  • Self-Funded Employers and the Free Market – Mike Remeika PDF
  • Free Market Friendly TPA – Todd Archer PDF
  • Closing Remarks – Dr. Keith Smith PDF
  • Local Chapter Workshop PDF

Willing Buyer

Consumers/Patients who make healthcare purchasing decisions based on Cost + Quality.

Willing Seller

Sellers of healthcare goods & services who believe in providing up-front, bundled, cost efficient, high quality care.

Optional Value-Based Vendor

Businesses who provide assistance to buyers & sellers of healthcare goods & services while abiding by the Pillars of the Free Market.