Our Supporters


Special thanks to all our association friends who help promote and support the free market in healthcare!

Below are like-minded association and organizations who support the pillars of the FMMA.

Shankx Web Development LLC
Shankar Poncelet, CEO
Email: shankar@shankxwebdev.com
Website: shankxwebdev.com

Health Rosetta Group
Dave Chase
Email: chasedave@gmail.com
Website: https://healthrosetta.org/www.healthfundr.com

Benjamin Rush Institute
Rebecca Kiessling
Email: rebecca@benjaminrushinstitute.org
Website: www.benjaminrushinstitute.org



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)
Jane Orient, MD
Email: aaps@aapsonline.org
Phone: 1-800-635-1196
Website: www.aapsonline.org

Docs4PatientCare Foundation
Lee Gross, MD
Email: info@d4pcfoundation.org
Phone: 1-888-788-5515
Website: www.d4pcfoundation.org

Association of Independent Doctors (AID)
Marni Jameson Carey, MA
Email: marni@aid-us.org
Phone: 407.571.9316
Website: www.aid-us.org

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs
Jonathan Small, President
Email: jonathan@ocpathink.org
Website: www.ocpathink.org 

Mises Institute
Jeff Deist
Email: jeffdeist@mises.org
Website: www.mises.org



Willing Buyer

Consumers/Patients who make healthcare purchasing decisions based on Cost + Quality.

Willing Seller

Sellers of healthcare goods & services who believe in providing up-front, bundled, cost efficient, high quality care.

Optional Value-Based Vendor

Businesses who provide assistance to buyers & sellers of healthcare goods & services while abiding by the Pillars of the Free Market.