Free Market Medical Association

The FMMA Promotes Transparency in Healthcare

The free market movement in healthcare is gaining steam. This is because of providers, patients, and self-funded employers, who believe that changing the way we purchase healthcare services is necessary, and seeking out value driven healthcare providers is important.

Our mission is to unite all of the islands of excellence in healthcare and accelerate the speed and growth of the free market healthcare revolution.


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2024 FMMA 10th Annual Conference

From April 10-12, 2024, at the Omni Oklahoma City Hotel, in Oklahoma City, OK….

You’re invited to join the Free Market Medical Association for our 10th Annual Conference. This year’s conference is a celebration of our continued commitment to advancing healthcare in the United States.

Over the past decade, the Free Market Medical Association has grown into a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting transparency, competition, and patient-centered care in the healthcare industry. As we mark this milestone, we are excited to showcase the progress we have made, the success stories found at the local level in communities across the U.S., and chart the course for the future.

The conference will be held on April 10-12 at the Omni Oklahoma City, the location where it all started. Join us to hear a stellar lineup of speakers and also provide ample opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing best practices with your peers. Whether you are a physician, a healthcare executive, a policy maker, or a patient, there is something for everyone at the 2024 Annual Conference.

Help send a student to conference!! We need YOUR help….

Shape the Future of Free Market Healthcare Care

FMMA has set a 2024 Annual Conference attendance goal of 100 medical residents. We need your help to make this happen!

You can help in one of two ways: Sponsor a Student or share the conference with a Residency program & others in your network. 

All proceeds from our fundraising efforts will directly support conference registration fees, travel and hotel expenses for medical residents/students’ attendance at the 2024 FMMA Annual Conference in Oklahoma City. 

No medical school is preparing future doctors to think like entrepreneurs. Please consider supporting this important conference by sponsoring one or more students whose life and career may be changed by attending this event


Do No Harm ~  Christian Healthcare Ministries  ~  M. Lane Peyton, MD  ~  DPC Alliance ~  Perry Santos, MD  ~  Grace Torres Hodges, DPM  ~  Jerry Huber  ~  Alive & Well, JR & Tracy Martin  ~  Dan Barnett  ~ Bryan Perry  ~  Jack Brown ~  Validation Institute ~ Arthur Stanley ~ Todd Rogers ~ Dr. Raymond Kordonowy ~ Tim Spooner ~ Lauren Schwartz ~ Jason Jarvis ~ Adam Russo ~ Sean Kelley ~ Michael Rice ~ Paul Taylor ~ Gregg Stefanek ~ CJ Brock ~ Andrea Boutwell 

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