Freedom Healthworks and the Free Market Medical Association are excited to announce their new strategic partnership.

Freedom Healthworks and the FMMA share common goals of promoting the free market in healthcare, restoring the doctor-patient relationship, and shining a light on the value of direct care. The natural alignment of missions and focus led to this strategic partnership, enabling both organizations to share resources, increase the value to members, and spread the message to a wider audience.

Healthcare Americana Podcast
Freedom Healthworks’ weekly podcast Healthcare Americana is now the official podcast of the FMMA. Every other week, Healthcare Americana will feature an FMMA member. These episodes will highlight the valuable stories, experiences, and strategies of self-funded employers, direct care physicians, independent surgery centers, and free market advocates. To listen to the podcasts online or add to your favorite podcast app, visit

Tell Your Story!
Freedom Healthworks and the FMMA are eager to promote positive change and move the shared mission forward with a little help from our great partners.
If you are interested in participating in the Healthcare Americana podcast, please reach out to

About the Free Market Medical Association
The FMMA was founded in 2014 by Jay Kempton and Dr. Keith Smith based on their mutual desire to fix our broken system. They founded the FMMA based on three pillars: Price is not a product, Value is mutually determined and requires transparent pricing and quality, cash is king – the Equality of price is critical. The FMMA connects true buyers and sellers of healthcare, educating and motivating them to work together based upon a mutually beneficial relationship built on the pillars.

About the Freedom Healthworks
The Mission of Freedom Healthworks is to build a direct primary care ecosystem that allows physicians and consumers to thrive in a personal and high-value approach to primary care. This mission rolls into our large vision of a nationwide healthcare free market that is a superior alternative to third-party payer systems. Our team, partners, and clients work every day to make this a reality.